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Graphique et sérigraphie

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Rénovation satations NAFTAL

Serie 21

Fournisseur de produit pour sérigraphie

Two component pad-printing ink, specially suited to print on “difficult substrates” such as metals, glass, ceramics, wood and enamels.

21 SERIES wets very well the pad, at the time it also discharges very well on the substrate. The dried film of the 21 SERIES has great chemical resistance and great adhesion on the substrate.

Recommended Applications: Metal, Glass, Ceramics, Enamels,Pens/Lighters, Polyamides,Treated polyethylene and polypropylene,Wood, etc.

Finish: Gloss.

Presentation: Only viscosity needs to be adjusted, depending on the job, factory temperature and impression speed.

Catalization: Add to the ink HARDENER-118 at 7-14%, depending on the material which is going to be printed.

Diluents: D-100 as fast and D-400 as normal to slow. Its adequate mixture gives a good behaviour in the inking unit. When dried to the air, it dries in a few minutes if the temperature of the factory is above 20?C and there is good ventilation. When dried by oven, at 80?C, it dries in about 2-3 minutes. In any case, to oven is very important to assure a good polymerization.

Colours: See table COLOURS/SERIES Any other colour can be formulated on demand.

Other observations: Occasionally, when the material wets very bad, it is convinient to add a drop of additive 29100 Smoother LF.