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Rénovation satations NAFTAL

Serie 35

Fournisseur de produit pour sérigraphie

One component ink developed for pad-printing on pieces of materials as basic as PVC,ABS, SAN, polycarbonates, metacrylates, treated polyesters, etc.

35 SERIES leaves a thin, hard and well adhered film in all these materials, and has a high chemical resistance. 35 SERIES has a good equilibrium between the wetting of the pad and the releasing from it onto the substrate. It leaves no residual odour.

Recommended applications: Pieces of PVC, ABS, SAN, polycarbonates, metacrylates, treated polyesters, etc.

Finish: Gloss.

Presentation: Only viscosity needs to be adjusted, depending on the job, factory temperature and impression speed.

Diluents: D-200 as fast to normal and D-696 as slow. Its adequate mixture gives a good behaviour in the ink duct and short drying times when dried at ambient temperature, depending on the material and the job. When it passes through a tunnel, it dries in seconds.

Colours: See table COLOURS/SERIES.
Any other colour can be formulated on demand.